Tricia Dawn

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I am a Transition/Movement and Expression Specialist

 I help my clients get from “here” to “there.”

We do this by getting you in touch with your own unique voice and learning to feel more at home in your body with my Homebase Healing Program. I want you to be at the top of your game and bring authentic presence and power to all you do!



Life Transitions I Help With:

  • New Employment or Business Growth/Expansion
  • New Position/Promotions at Work
  • Loss of Employment
  • Loss of Faith/Spiritual Crisis
  • Creative Projects (Start to Finish i.e. Writing a Book or One Man/One Woman Show)
  • Divorce/Relationship BreakUps
  • Ending Abusive Relationships
  • Empty Nesting
  • Starting College
  • College Graduation/Defining “What’s Next?”
  • Generally Getting Unstuck: Your Unique “Story” of Opression, Depression, Supression or Repression that is stopping your Progression
  • Complex Trauma Healing (Augmenting and in succession with approved therapies such as EMDR)


It is time to set yourself free!

I will help you move from merely surviving to THRIVING and a from ho-hum, so-so existence to truly LIVING!!




"I can't say enough about my experience of having Tricia as a coach, mentor and friend."

“I have been working with Tricia for the past 9 months and my professional growth and development has grown in leaps and bounds. When I first met Tricia, I spoke about completing my book that I had been writing in fits and starts for years.  Today, I am working with a publisher.  My other dream was to create a non-profit organization for bereaved parents, but had no idea how to go about doing it, or even if I could do it.  With Tricia’s leadership and guidance, I am completing the paperwork for the state and federal filing for my non-profit. Without Tricia, I know I would not have completed either task.

With her gentle manner, she has held me accountable every step of the way, which is exactly what I need.  She has asked me the probing questions I need to move me forward and given me the necessary “homework” to unblock me. On a personal level, Tricia has the biggest heart and holds a space for you in her life and her heart.  She has totally enhanced my life and I’m totally grateful for her place in my life. I can’t say enough about my experience of having Tricia as a coach, mentor and friend.  I recommend her without reservations.”

Nancy Hovatter, Writer

"A compassionate listener"

“Tricia is a compassionate listener and talented healer/coach who is helping me realize that I can have the life I want. With Tricia, I feel safe, respected and valued.”

K. Bilal

"Tricia has the unique ability to very accurately listen, hear, and pinpoint the essence of someone’s expression."

“Tricia has the unique ability to very accurately listen, hear, and pinpoint the essence of someone’s expression. She is able to extract the most relevant pieces of the puzzle that need to be shifted to enable healing, growth and self-awareness. I have had exchanges with other coaches however my experience with Tricia was superior and it propelled me to a new height.”

Tara KY

"As a colleague, I adore working with Tricia"

“Tricia is one of the most courageous and talented souls I know. She brings her experience and wisdom of creating change to assist you in achieving clarity and aligning with your over all mission. Tricia has a high level of integrity coupled with incredible compassion for people and situations, which is a great asset. She is also able to hold loving space for the resistance and emotions that arise when people are faced with creating lasting change. As a colleague, I adore working with Tricia especially because I love to hear her sing, which she does beautifully and spontaneously. Tricia’s presence alone is a gift and that is just a start.”

Anahita Joon

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